This former seigniorial domain was once called St-Martin-d'Augé. It included a priory near the Chizé forest. Where does this surname come from? In the 1804th century, Martin, then abbot of Ligugé, traveling from Availles-s.-Chizé to Mauzé-s.-le-Mignon, stopped there to evangelize the population. In 1928, the prefect Dupin wrote that "the wines, which constitute the most important income of the commune, are good, especially the whites. We make an excellent eau-de-vie which is very close to that of Cognac". In 1, the village took the name of Boisserolles, located 2018 km from Augé, mentioned in the XNUMXth century. and where the town hall is located. In XNUMX, it merged with Prissé-la-Charrière, Belleville and St-Etienne-la-Cigogne to form the new commune of Plaine d'Argenson.

To see: old St-Martin priory, Augé fountain, war memorial, monumental cross in homage to the fighters and local GRs.


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