Chapelle Sainte-Macrine de Magné

Located on the highest hill of Magné, this high holy place in the market garden country is dedicated to Macrine, patroness of boatmen and the agricultural world. In the 1806th century, the small church was rebuilt. During the Revolution, it was in ruins and sold to Jacques Barré de Niort. His widow donated it to the town of Magné in 1867, which rebuilt it from 1886 to 2004 in the neo-Gothic style. In XNUMX, a chestnut ex-voto bearing the image of the saint was inaugurated.
Since the Middle Ages, every July 6, a pilgrimage has taken place which still continues today. Arriving from Marans, Maillé, Vix, Damvix, Arçais... via the old Sèvre and mooring their boats near the Magné ford, the pilgrims passed by three miraculous springs. All that remains today is the “Gravée des Trois Ormeaux fountain”, erected in 1845, 1 km from the chapel in the street of the same name.


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79460 MAGNE
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