Chemin des Brouettes

Its 80 cm wide only allows the passage of a hand cart, hence its name, and allows access to the gardens located behind the houses and on the banks of the Lambon.
Mounted without mortar or soil, otherwise the ivy will take hold, its two dry stone walls bordering it are inclined in order to resist the pressure of the earth. Their hats are made of flat stones aligned in a cob. Holes of 40 to 60 cm are used for water drainage in the event of flooding.
From 2016 to 2020, a participatory reconstruction project was launched with stones from collapsed walls and also from the foundations of the Niort keep: a testimony to the transmission of the traditional technique of dry stone masonry.
Path listed in the Departmental Plan of walking and hiking routes and part of the Niort Third Millennium Municipal Path.


79000 NIORT
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