Eglise Saint-André de Niort

Proudly erected on the highest hill in Niort, the church of Pierre-Théophile Segrétain, first architect of the Deux-Sèvres Historical Monuments, looks like a cathedral with its two 70-metre-high spiers.
Present since the 11th century, it experienced the Wars of Religion and the Revolution before being completely rebuilt in the 19th century in the neo-Gothic style.
The Saint-André church was, it is said, at the end of the 17th century, "the most beautiful and largest in the province" and also historically older than Notre-Dame.
During the Revolution, largely destroyed, it was renamed and named the “Temple of the Mountain”.
In 2015, like the Saint-Hilaire church in Niort by the same builder, it was included on the additional list of Historic Monuments.

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57 Saint-André Street
79000 NIORT
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