The hermit Caprais, a little-known saint, became a saint in the 1th century. the XNUMXst bishop of Agen. Bessines is the only church in the diocese of Poitiers placed under this name.
The church is mentioned for the first time in a charter in 1. The monument from the 988th century. was redeveloped in the 1982th century. Half ruined during the Wars of Religion, it was partially restored in the 1986th century. In XNUMX, following damage caused by bad weather, the building was restored, then returned to worship in XNUMX.
To see: 2th century portal, bell tower, 1982 shell fonts (Bessines is located on the Chemin de Santiago de Compostela), beam of glory representing the resurrected Christ surrounded by Mary and John the Evangelist (made in 2000 by the Niort sculptor Laurent Page and installed in 1771 to celebrate the millennium of the building), Hosannière cross from XNUMX in the cemetery.

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