Eglise Saint-Eutrope du Cormenier (Beauvoir-sur-Niort)

The Romanesque church was built under the patronage of the Poitevine abbey of Saint-Jean-de-Montierneuf, but in the diocese of Saintes. It is dedicated to Saint Eutrope, the first bishop of Saintes martyred in the 4th century.
In the first half of the 1744th century, its bell tower no longer existed or was never built, being reduced today to an unfinished building. Victim of the Wars of Religion, two-thirds of it was destroyed, then repaired in 1877. A total renovation of the nave was undertaken in 1909 thanks to the priest, Father Léon Brisson and the generosity of a few families. The span under the bell tower and the apse, remarkable specimens of the Saintongeais Romanesque style, were classified in XNUMX as Historic Monuments.

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Chemin de Saint-Eutrope
Le Cormenier
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