Eglise Saint-Florent de Niort

This former workers' town of employees of the Rougier plywood factories and the SNCF marshalling yard was attached to the commune of Niort in 1969.
Its 11th-12th century church. is built on the edge of the road to St-Jacques de Compostela leading to St-Jean d'Angély. Its high, almost blind facade is pierced by a semi-circular door and is topped by a two-bay comb bell tower. Note the reuse in its masonry of four pre-Romanesque frame-shaped sculptures. Is it the representation of the life of man or that of Saint Florent and two representations of the Annunciation and the Visitation?
Saint Florent, a Roman soldier converted and ordained priest by Saint Martin, lives as a hermit in a cave, near the Loire. According to legend, he restores sight to the blind, heals the crippled and delivers those possessed by demons. He died at the canonical age of 123 at the end of the XNUMXth century.


Camille Desmoulins Street
79000 NIORT
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