Eglise Saint-Médard de Germond

Germond-Rouvre is located on the secondary road to Santiago de Compostela via Deux-Sèvres used by the English, Normans and Bretons. It included a maladrerie united in 1695 at the Château-Bourdin hospital (Saint-Pardoux-en-Gâtine) and two chaplaincies, one of which still existed in 1786.
In the 1804th century, the first bay of its church, built in the XNUMXth century by Poitevin monks, is topped by an enormous bell tower-porch, a late and clumsy imitation of that of Secondigny and Parthenay-le-Vieux. The southern facade was flanked in the XNUMXth century by a funerary chapel with flamboyant Gothic vaults. After the Concordat of XNUMX, one of the baroque altars of Saint-Antoine-de-la-Lande was transferred to the sanctuary.
Deprived of its original vaults, only the framed apse and part of the nave remain. Did you notice the sculpted bat?


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