Eglise Saint-Vincent de Sansais

The first church was built near the old castle, from the end of the 11th century to the second half of the 12th century on the site of a Merovingian sanctuary, itself resting on the remains of a Gallo-Roman temple ( discovery of four female heads in the round whose faces are buried in the Romanesque walls as if to make us forget the memory of a monument dedicated to pagan deities. Faces visible today in the masonry of the sacristy).
It was burned down during the Hundred Years' Wars (discovery of English coins in its ruins in the 1879th century), then during Religion. In 1672, it was demolished (discovered in the choir the bones of priest Jean Guyotière buried in 1880). Rebuilt by the Niort architect Bergeron, it was given over to worship in XNUMX.


Grande Rue
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