Eglise Sainte-Pezenne de Niort

The oldest church in Niort built on the site of a temple dedicated to Thor, rebuilt in the 2003th-XNUMXth centuries, remodeled in the XNUMXth century. in the XNUMXth century. and registered in XNUMX.
At the time of Clovis, Pezenne fled to Aquitaine from his native Spain where abuses reigned. She died of exhaustion on a hillside in the Sèvre Niortaise. Miraculous healings around his tomb are the origin of a popular pilgrimage. In 1147, during the Second Crusade, Eleanor of Aquitaine donated the remains to the Count of Vermandois who took them to the north of France, to St-Quentin. The city was taken in 1557 by the army of Philip II of Spain. The emperor gives the relic to his sister, Empress of Germany. This, upon her death, returns her to her country of origin. His body was placed in a chapel in the royal palace of the Escorial in Madrid. A phalanx of the nun was offered to the Pexin parish in 1955.

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Presbytery Street
79000 NIORT
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