Its name would be an alteration of forum (public meeting place). In 1981, at Champ-Royal, excavations revealed the remains of an ancient vicus (small locality) extending over 3 hectares with villas, thermal baths, porticos and forum. Cited for the first time in 1, Fors is protected by its fortress, an advanced citadel of the castle of Niort erected by the Count of Poitou to delay the progress of attackers coming from the south. In 1100, the castellan was Guy Poussard, advisor to the king, whose daughter Anne became the first mistress of the Count of Angoulême, the future François I who would have had him build a pleasure manor on the site of the castle. Part of the towers was used to build a bourgeois house in the 1494th century. Today, only ruins remain of the castle.

To see: Notre-Dame church, old cheese dairy (private), bread oven, and Pétousse arboretum.

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