Grand Port du Vanneau-Irleau

Located on the Conche de la Belette, the communal port of Vanneau, restored as part of the Grands Travaux du Marais Poitevin, was once intended for farmers to ensure the exploitation of their marsh plots. It was forbidden to store crops for more than 24 hours on the quay so as not to hinder the coming and going of boats and carts. The last Saturday in July, the "Water Market" is organized where the products of individuals and traders are sold to more than 15.000 visitors! This festive event reflects one of the most unique Maraîchine traditions: the transport of men, animals and goods on the wet roads forming the “Green Venice”. In its extension, a metal footbridge from 1900 provides access to allotment gardens. Between rue de la Belette and the waterway, old farms with double access are lined up.


Weasel Street
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