This site has always had a hospital vocation since the Middle Ages:
– The secular chaplaincy of Saint-James from 1204 to 1681 for the reception of pilgrims, the poor and the sick outside the city walls.
– The general hospital from 1665 to combat begging by locking up beggars there.
– The Georges Renon hospital center (*) built from 1924 to 44 and the second largest hospital in France at the time due to its dimensions and modern equipment.
(*) Surgeon, professor and renovator of the Niort hospital from 1905 to 42.

The new hospital, opened in 1983, is today the largest employer in Deux-Sèvres.

You are currently in the courtyard of the cloister of the former convent of the Daughters of Wisdom, managers of the establishment from 1729 to 1977!

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Rue Jean Jaures
79000 NIORT
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