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L’Atelier de l’Excellence Echiré

Equipment from Niort Agglo, the Echiré Excellence Workshop is made up of 3 parts:
– The store/museum: with a “cabinet of curiosities” which exhibits the history of Echiré butter, the producers, the stages of production and Echiré products. The 5 senses are invited to an immersive experience, intended for adults and children. The store offers the dairy's excellent products for purchase but also a selection of the best local products, all using Echiré butter.
– The workshop: a fully equipped workshop space will host activities around the bakery and pastry shop from the start of 2023. Professionals and individuals will be able to bake with Echiré butter.
– On the garden side, a real place of relaxation and conviviality.
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  • Gastronomy


66 Church Square
79410 ECHIRE
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