Small rural heritage

Lavoir de la Panification

The discovery tour of the Saint-Georges de-Rex washhouses is a journey through time recalling these convivial places where the women of the village met exclusively to rinse their laundry and chat.
Behind the church, in the street of the same name, the Panification washhouse, restored in 1993 as part of the Grands Travaux du Marais Poitevin, is fed by a spring and consists of an open-air basin of polygonal shape for adapt to the configuration of the site, a washerwomen's sidewalk sheltered by a shed roof. Its name is due to an old dairy cooperative located nearby (use of milk in bread making to replace water, thus bringing more richness to the products, colors the crust while making it melting, contributes to the softness of the crumb and activates fermentation thanks to the sugars it contains).


Rue de la Panification
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