Cited for the first time in 986, this rural commune, watered by the Courance, is located on the edge of the Chizé forest massif. According to popular tradition, the nomadic king François 1st, owner of a kennel in Rimbault, village of Marigny until 1929, hunted deer. He appreciated the local grape varieties such as Folle Blanche for white wine and Balzac for red wine. The town saw the birth in 1910 of Yves Rabault, the Poitevin bard, author of Histouères et chantuseries, a collection of all his work including the famous Sauce aux Lumas.

To see: castle of Péré-en-Forêt (15th, 17th and 19th centuries), church of St-Jean-l'Evangéliste (choir listed as a historic monument), former hunting lodge of La Groichère (rural dwelling characteristic of the late of the Middle Ages).

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