Small rural heritage

Moulin d'Ane

Donkey: nickname spelled in Old French "anne" meaning duck (resulting from the constant presence of ducks?).
Cited as early as 1260, this wheat or fulling mill (4 wheels) dates from the XNUMXth century. the property of the seigneurial house of the d'Aubigné; in the XNUMXth century, from Madame de Mougon, owner of the Surimeau home.
In 1864, the prefect authorized the owners of the mills of Ste-Pezenne to undertake work on channeling the course of the river. It is still the golden age of the Sèvre mills which transform the wheat grains harvested on the plateaus into white flour exported as far as the Antilles! After the war of 14, the appearance of electric flour mills led to their disappearance.
The Ane mill reach was converted after the 39-45 war into a communal swimming pool (swimmers in one-piece suits, wooden cabins and diving board). A municipal decree prohibited all public swimming in 1969.


At the entrance to the Surimeau bridge
Rue du Moulin d'Ane
79000 NIORT
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