Moulin de Raimbault

Located on the highest point of the commune (90 m high) and on the edge of the Chizé forest, it is the only windmill-tower in operation in Sud-Deux-Sévrien.
This old ordinary mill, whose existence is mentioned as early as 1482, depended on the lordship of Raimbault until the Revolution. The last miller, Louis Royer, died in the 70s. From 1973, “Les Amis du Moulin de Raimbault” restored the roof, the wings, one of the three millstones and the interior mechanism (Berton system). It was included in the inventory of sites in 1975 and its conservation association received the “Masterpiece in Danger” prize. Since 1989, he has been “turning and making flour”. The municipality acquired it in 2004.
The site comes back to life today during events and can also be rented for festivities.


1,5 km from the town
On the RD1
How do I get there?

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