Musée Espace Epona – Secrets de nos patrimoines

The archaeological diagnosis carried out in January 2018 revealed the presence of an ancient sanctuary dating from the 2st century BC to the middle of the 000nd century AD. Among the remains are three statues of deities, including that of Epona. Goddess of travelers, horses and agricultural estates, the Gallic divinity had watched over the site for more than XNUMX years. The fragments of the statue found are exhibited at the Donjon museum. A facsimile was produced and is presented on the ground floor of Le Séchoir, as an introduction to the “Épona – Secrets of our heritage” space. From there, the goddess invites you to embark on a journey to discover the heritage of the Niort Agglo territory.

Imagined and implemented by the conservation of the Niort Agglo museums, the first floor of the Séchoir is an immersive and fun space dedicated to the heritage which makes up the identity of the territory.


  • Popular arts and traditions

Adapted tourism

  • Hearing impairment
  • Physical disability


1 Rue de la Chamoiserie
79000 NIORT
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