Port de Mauzé-sur-le-Mignon

The lord of Mauzé "had land cut off" in 1315 to create a port. In 1714, the king's engineer Claude Masse visited the port of Chaban and Mauzé which was threatened with ruin. A canal project was examined in 1808 by Napoleon I. From 1 to 1843, the Mignon canal was developed from the Bazoin lock to the port of Gueux (near Sazay), then extended from 45 to 1880 to Mauzé to connect the commune to the sea via the Sèvre Niortaise and allow the transport of goods by barge. Quickly competing with rail, then road, the largest port in Green Venice was soon abandoned. In 83, it was rehabilitated as part of the Grands Travaux du Marais Poitevin, but remains inaccessible to boats since the canal is currently navigable from Bazoin to a little upstream of La Grève-s.-le-Mignon.


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