Priaire(s), which is written with or without final "s", is cited for the first time in 1044 in the cartulary of the abbey of St-Jean-d'Angély and belonged to Aunis under the generality and the election of La Rochelle, then Deux-Sèvres in 1790. Its terroir was formerly in one of the Cognac appellation zones. The vine, cultivated over a large area, produced excellent brandy until the phylloxera crisis of 1873 gradually giving way to cooperative dairies and cereal crops. In 2019, the village merged with Usseau and Thorigny-s.-le-Mignon to form the new commune of Val-du-Mignon. It is by taking the time to stroll that we discover the richness of the rural built heritage strongly inspired by the architecture of the neighboring Charentais department.

To see: Notre-Dame church (baptismal font from 1629).


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