Prin-Deyrancon ou la Guerre des boutons

In 1402, Dey-Rançon was then the largest commune in the department. After the Revolution, the two main villages were united to form Deyrançon. But, throughout the 1856th century, a strong rivalry developed between the inhabitants of the peat marsh and the wine-growing plain. The town hall was ungovernable, so much so that Petit-Breuil became the capital of the commune in 1903. To put an end to the quarrels, the following year the Prinois demanded the construction of a town hall and a school in Dey. In 1971, Deyrançon was divided into Prin-Deyrançon and Le Petit Breuil-Deyrançon. In 12, the project to attach Petit-Breuil to Mauzé-s.-le-Mignon was realized. This peaceful village, watered by XNUMX km of waterways, smells of the countryside and invites you to take long walks.

To see: Notre-Dame de Dey, wash houses, Prin peat bogs, five trees classified as remarkable trees of Deux-Sèvres.


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