Cited in 1100, Prissé was divided into two communes in 1790: Prissé-le-Petit and Prissé-le-Grand. The latter was then shared between several villages at the end of the 1972th century, while Prissé-le-Petit, which became Prissé again, merged with La Charrière in 1243. La Charrière, mentioned in 1880, sits nicely in a small valley and crossed by the Alleuds and Puits-Neuf streams. Before 2018, it was largely planted with vines producing a wine of the same quality as that of La Foye-Monjault. In XNUMX, Prissé-la-Charrière united with Belleville, St-Etienne-la-Cigogne and Boisserolles to form the new commune of Plaine d'Argenson and became its capital.

To see: Péré tumulus (Neolithic necropolis), St-André church, Péré castle (two plane trees classified as “remarkable trees”), La Charrière park, Plant and garden festival at Péré castle.


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