Usseau : berceau de la grand-mère de l’Europe

Usseau derives from “Ussena” meaning a mound planted with vines. The commune is made up of 5 hamlets locally nicknamed the “gaps”. Located at the crossroads of an ancient Roman road leading from Saintes to Nantes, the village tells 2000 years of local history at the Pierre-Henri Mitard cultural center. Remains of several ancient sites have been revealed. Usseau is also the birthplace of Eléonore Desmier born in 1639 in Olbreuse and wife of the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Zell, elector of Hanover. Through marriages, her descendants are present in 17 European dynasties, hence her nickname "grandmother of Europe". Every two years, a summer show is organized in the courtyard of his castle to honor his memory. In 2019, Usseau united with Priaires and Thorigny-s.-le-Mignon to form the new commune of Val-du-Mignon and became its capital.

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