Marais de Saint-Georges-de-Rex et d’Amuré

It is a “pocket” of wet marsh on the edge of a limestone plain and bordered by an edge of bocage. It is located in the eastern part of the Marais Poitevin, on its southern edge. Its main axis is made up of the large channel of Port Goron and the channel of Amuré.
It is made up of two groups: 125 hectares of bocage marshes to the east and 40 hectares of wooded islets to the west. Its ecosystem is varied: wet meadows, megaphorbias (tall grass in a damp peaty environment) with meadowsweet, sedges (carpets of rough grass) and ash woodlands. It is populated with marsh euphorbia, ophioglossus buttercup, marsh fern; copper from the marshes, rosalie from the Alps; genet and European otter. [More information on the PDF file]

Location details

  • Poitevin marsh


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