Coming to Niort – Marais Poitevin is easy, getting around is even easier! Niort is very well served by train and in particular with the LGV which connects Paris – Niort in less than 2 hours. Conclusion 100% free bus network is also advantageous for getting around the city center and its outskirts. Many electric bikes are available at unbeatable costs. Soft mobility is a major asset in this natural territory!

Coming to Niort – Marais Poitevin

By train


TGV Paris-La Rochelle. Stop at Niort station.
Coming to Niort by train from Paris is now faster and easier thanks to the LGV (High Speed ​​Line). Since the commissioning of the LGV in 2017, it is possible to reach the city of Niort in just 1 hour 47 minutes from Paris. Trains depart regularly from Montparnasse station and arrive at Niort station, located a few minutes from the center -city. The LGV also offers convenient connections with other destinations in the Poitou-Charentes region, such as La Rochelle and Bordeaux. Travelers can therefore easily explore this beautiful region and its tourist attractions while enjoying a comfortable and quick train journey.


Mobility by TER train is a practical and efficient option for traveling in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The TER network serves many towns and villages in the metropolitan area such as Niort and Mauzé-sur-le-Mignon but also allows you to go beyond such as La Rochelle or Poitiers.

By car

A83: exits 9, 10 and 11.
A10 (from Paris): exits 32 or 33.
Calculate your route on ou
Consult traffic forecasts
Smart one :

Some kilometer information:

Niort-Paris: 408 km
Niort-Bordeaux: 180 km
Niort-Nantes: 150 km
Niort-Poitiers: 74 km
Niort-La Rochelle: 66 km
Niort-Angoulême: 115 km

Are you looking for charging stations for your electric car?

Find several applications that will facilitate your travel by electric car on the Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination:

• ChargeMap: Application which has a map to allow you to find a nearby electric vehicle charging point like Google Maps with access to useful resources on electric cars as well as the possibility of sharing your experience between users.
NB: Badge without subscription for €19.90.

• Plugshare : Free application which has a map to find an electric charging station. It also allows you to get in touch with other users.

• NextCharge: Free application that allows you to find electric charging stations.

Charge Price: Free application which lists all the prices offered at a charging point and compares them.

• Cocoparks: Allows you to find underground parking lots with spaces with charging stations and street charging options.

By plane

The two closest airports are those of La Rochelle or Poitiers. You can then join the Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination by train, by rental car or carpooling.

Getting around the territory by:

Bus/public transportation

The Tanlib collective and sustainable transport network present in the Niort Urban Community set up by Transdev is 100% free
The website and the application have a “Nearby” tab to know up to the minute, thanks to geolocation, exactly where the bus you are waiting for is. More information by clicking here.
The website and the application have been designed to be practical for people in fragile social situations. (Esat, Itep, IME, Local Mission, etc.) or disability

19 passenger information terminals are deployed under the shelters of 5 exchange hubs (Brèche, SNCF station, Atlantic pole, Curie and Maisons-Rouges); thus providing precise information on the arrival of a bus. They are suitable for blind or visually impaired users thanks to a remote control which triggers a soundtrack.

To simplify information for schools, a guide to bus schedules by middle and high school from each municipality is available for download on and establishment sites.

PRM transport “: Tanlib on demand PMR” is a specialized transport service for people with reduced mobility, door to door, on demand. It is intended for people who cannot use regular buses and coaches due to their disability.

The Maraîchine line changed its name and became lines 21 and 22. They are valid all year round and include 6 departures from Niort (6 during school periods). They leave from the SNCF station, pass through the Brèche gardens and the Pôle Atlantique. The 21 then serves Bessines, Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan, Sansais, Amuré, Saint-Georges-de-Rex, Le Vanneau, Arçais and Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud. As for the 22, it heads towards Sevreau, Magné and Coulon. Be careful to remember for Saturday to reserve the day before, before 17 p.m., for 2 times out of 3. More information by clicking here. Like the rest of the tanlib network, these two lines are free !

Free Shuttle circulate downtown et on Saint-André hill every twenty minutes, from 7:40 a.m. to 19:20 p.m., Monday to Saturday.
Since December 19, 2019, a first electric minibus has been circulating in the city center. Two other vehicles were added to the fleet in March 2020. These shuttles serve the two city center circuits, from La Brèche to Les Halles via the Main Bridges and Saint-André Hill.
More information by clicking here


Business, private or medical travel?
The City of Niort has set up a unique freephone number to book taxis:

It is also possible to benefit from a service of transport on demand by reservation at 05 49 24 27 31. Service times for TAD (transport on demand) and for TPMR (transport of people with reduced mobility) are set from 6 a.m. to 21 p.m., Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday , from 8 a.m. to 18:30 p.m.

By car


The carpooling areas are at the A10 tollbooth, at Granzay-Gript (exit 33) or at La Crèche, in the direction of Bordeaux or Paris; at the entrance or exit of the A83 toll, towards or returning from Nantes: at La Crèche or between Oulmes and Benet, exit 9 (Blablacar carpooling area).
The Niort Tourist Office also suggests the SNCF station or in the city center, opposite the Méga-CGR, rue du 14-Juillet.

The carpool parking located at the exit of the A10 motorway, in Poitiers south, has 36 new parking spaces.

Travel around the area by carpooling, thanks to sites like BlablacarDrivyCarpooling Poitou-Charentes...

Vehicle rental companies

Need a vehicle to go on vacation, to move or to carry out work? Find the list of vehicle rental companies partners of the Tourist Office:

By bike or electric scooter

Un electrically assisted bicycle service (with integrated battery) is offered to people who have no medical problems with cycling.
Rental rates: €40 for one month or €360 for one year with the possibility of monthly payments of €40 and three months free.
Active workers can deduct their employer's 50% contribution towards the transport premium.
More information by clicking here.

A device of self-service bikes is open to residents or non-residents of the Niort Agglo area for one-off trips in town, is set up by Tanlib, i.e. 6 stations bringing together a total of 50 bikes, with or without electric battery, located in Niort (jardins de la Brèche – bottom from avenue Bujault, SNCF station, Atlantic center, university center, Moulin du Milieu and long-distance bus station located on avenue de La Rochelle).

Are you interested in free rental of an electrically assisted scooter for a period of one month? Come and collect your pre-registration file at the Tanlib agency, at the bottom of the Jardins de la Brèche, in Niort. It can also be downloaded by clicking here and limited to one person per household. This rental includes the provision of a meter, a safety vest and an anti-theft device. The conditions to qualify are: be at least 18 years old, live in the territory of Niort Agglo and submit a deposit of €800.

Need to transfer your luggage and organize your cycling trip? Do not hesitate to contact:

  • The Green Bicycle in Arçais (organization of cycling tours and stays in France and Europe), tel. :, @: [email protected]. More information by clicking here.
  • France Vélo (bike rental & baggage tracking on the Atlantic Coast and the Loire Valley), tel. :, @: [email protected]. More information by clicking here.

Parking in Niort

Paid parking:

  • The breach : Jardins de la Brèche, 530 places, 1st hour free and 1/4 hour pricing. Outside: bicycle garage near the Méga-CGR (free and unsecured),
  • Marcel Paul: rue Tartifume, 471 places, pricing per 1/4 hour, 1st hour free, covered and secure bicycle storage, introduction of a reduced rate (€34/month) to allow students to park at a lower cost in the Marcel-Paul parking lot (also applied to two-wheeled Saint-Jean parking lots , La Roulière, Hôtel de Ville and Marcel-Paul),
  • Belluno: avenue de Paris, 84 places,
  • City Hall : rue du Mûrier, 244 places, pricing per 1/4 hour, 1st hour free,
  • Saint-Hilaire: rue du 14-Juillet, 117 places,
  • Biscara: access via Les Vieux Ponts, 83 places,
  • Middle Mill: Cronstadt platform, 225 places, paying from 9 a.m. to 20 p.m., 1/4 hour pricing, free on Sundays and public holidays. 
  • La Roulière: rue Beauchamp, 350 places, pricing per 1/4 hour, 1st hour free,
  • Chanzy: place Chanzy, 230 places,
  • Méssierie: rue de la Mégisserie, 84 places. In green zone: pricing from 1 hour.
  • Train station: 53 places. Short-term paid parking in front of the station and Place Pierre Sémard; long-term and secure paid parking, behind the station, rue de l'Industrie.
    Online booking : reserve your parking online.
  • Rue du Bas Paradis extended,
  • Parking Place du Port,
  • Henri Gelin,
  • From Liniers,
  • La Cure car park,
  • Saint Jean,
  • Comédie car park,
  • Tartifume.

Here is in detail all the information on paid car parks in Niort (prices, subscriptions, etc.).

Responsibility for parking and related sanctions is entirely transferred to municipalities who decide the price of parking and the amount of fines in the event of non-payment. This measure falls within the framework of the MAPTAM law (Modernization of territorial public action and affirmation of metropolises) which clarifies the skills of local authorities by strengthening their status and the skills assigned to them (spatial planning , mobility, etc.). An amendment transfers parking authority and the corresponding resources to them. The expected effects are a better rotation of vehicles parked on roads and an improvement in the fluidity of automobile traffic. Two possible levers for the attractiveness of the city center.

La So Space, a mixed economy company responsible for parking management in Niort, makes life easier for motorists thanks to an application allowing him to pay for his parking with his smartphone on the streets in town. Operation is simple and free: go to or to open an account by providing your identity, registration, bank details, etc. Download also possible from Applestore, Playstore or Windowsphone.
Info at

The start-up “Yespark” allows motorists to access the private parking (parking spaces unused by individuals and businesses). HAS Niort, Groupama puts 80 places available rue Rouget-de-Gourcez and de la Boule-d’Or. From a computer or smartphone, the driver can reserve their parking in advance, by the hour or by the day. The rate is decreasing and starts at €1 per hour. The mobile application also indicates, in real time, if places are available. Once he is in front of the car park, he opens the barrier using his smartphone transformed into a digital remote control using a code sent by the app.
Registration on

Certain parking areas are free from 18 p.m. : avenue de Verdun, place and rue de la Comédie, rue Barbezière, rue Baugier, rue Duguesclin, rue Ernest Pérochon, Rue Rabelais, rue Saint-Gaudens, rue Jeanne d'Arc, parvis Notre-Dame, rue Bion, rue de la Cure, rue du Tourniquet, rue du Général Largeau, place Saint-Jean, rue du 24-Février, place Mellaise, place du Roulage and start of rue de la Gare.

Also enjoy your free hour on the entire parking lot to take the time to go have lunch in the various restaurants niortais.

Free parking:

  • Denfert Rocherau : place Denfert Rochereau, 82 places,
  • Bessac: rue de Bessac, 352 places,
  • Capuchins: rue de Fontenay, 144 places,
  • Eiffel: rue Gustave Eiffel, 67 places,
  • Gambetta: place Gambetta, 29 places,
  • Jean Macé: rue Jean Macé, 58 places,
  • Strain : rue de Souché, 36 places,
  • Main Boulevard, alongside the regional media library.

6 charging stations for electric vehicles put into service by Séolis, as part of the Alterbase network: rue Archimède (Noron), at l'Acclameur, ice rink car park, rue des Prés Faucher, des Capucins car park and place Chanzy.

Another Séolis alterbase terminal is located less than 30 minutes from Niort, in Beauvoir-sur-Niort, avenue Saint-Jean-d'Angély, next to the main square.

Parking lots on the outskirts of the city:

Free parking at three entry points to Niort in a dedicated space with the possibility then of taking the bus to get to the city center.

  • West Space, in the parking lot of the Casino store, route de Nantes (line 4 towards Aiffres town hall)
  • Cassin, in the sports center car park, in Aiffres (line 4 leading to Niort – Sainte-Pezenne)
  • Darwin, last car park at l’Aclameur (line 3).

A shuttle, operating on the principle of transport on demand, serves Espace Ouest and Cassin towards the SNCF station and the Brèche gardens. By reservation at 0.800.00.78.79.

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