01. Baludik: geolocated treasure hunt in the Marais


Baludik offers two connected discovery walks to discover differently as a family coulon, capital of Green Venice and Small City of Character. “The idea is to take tourists off the beaten track in a safe way and lead them towards real little treasures.”

How to play ?

Download the free application baludik.fr on your smartphone or tablet, then walk a route where each stage gives you instructions.

On your marks…

New circuit 2022

Un new Baludik circuit is available in Destination Niort – Marais Poitevin! 

It is thanks to Marais Poitevin Regional Natural Park in partnership with the municipality of Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan et the Niort – Marais Poitevin Tourist Office that this new circuit was tailor-made.

The 2,3 km route begins under halls and ends at the Ayron Fountain.

Synopsis of the new 2022 circuit:

Follow in the footsteps of Hélène who, following the discovery of a letter from her grandmother, sets off to discover the treasures of the village of Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan, part of the Regional Natural Park, labeled Grand Site de France. You will observe a heritage rich in water and limestone, between fountains, wells and wash houses, which everyone will be able to contemplate while unraveling the mysteries of the cry-singers!

02. “Sites & Cities the app!”, the Pokémon Go of Niort’s heritage!


The municipality launched “Sites & Cities the app!” (ex-“OhAhCheck!”), a mobile and free geolocated application dedicated to Niort's heritage. It allows users to recognize sites, monuments and places around them.

This application was developed by the Region to highlight Cities and Countries of Art and History. Member and applicant for this label, the City of Niort relies on this digital tool to promote the richness of its architectural and landscape heritage.

This tool has the advantage of being interactive. Users can create content by referencing places not registered in the app, which they have spotted, but also commenting on the information on places to visit currently available. Use without moderation to test your knowledge on Niort !

To do this, simply open an account, then take a photo of the listed historic monument in order to have written content illustrated on the Donjon, Pillory, Halles Baltard,Hôtel de Ville, churches… “Sites & Cities the app!” is a free application for tablet and mobile (Apple compatible).

03. Rally-survey: Niort in the good old days


The media class of Gérard-Philipe college de Niort has built a journey through the Niort of the Belle Epoque: a detective story to unravel with the Guidigo application.


On February 12, 1913, around 15 p.m., the body of a rich banker, Gustave Coutant, was found at the bottom of the stairs of the Niort Town Hall. The man was killed by several stab wounds. Next to him, an empty bag: the bank's revenue has been stolen! Blood-stained footprints can be seen in front of various buildings in the city: the Place de la Brèche, the Pathé cinema, the former Grand Café, the Passage du Commerce, the department stores on rue Victor Hugo, the bathhouses, the halls, the Place du Donjon and the Town Hall. But we don't know where or by whom the crime was committed! Police officer Paul Delafonce then questions 25 witnesses and suspects: two chimney sweeps, a waiter, a grinder, a projectionist, a glove maker, two laundresses, a hatter, a shoemaker... Who killed the banker? Miss Pauline the seamstress? The apothecary Henri-Paul André?
Visit Niort differently by listening to the descriptions of the monuments while detecting the clues!

→ The survey is available on the application Guidigo to download for free on Appstore, Google play or Glass or to consult on www.guidigo.com/fr

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