Niort – Marais Poitevin is a perfect marriage between heritage and gastronomy and a unique know-how et GENUINE represents this remarkable territory. Rich in castles, churches, architecture and atypical villages but also taste treasures such as goat cheese, mogettes, cheesecake, crushed Poitou or the famous plant with a thousand virtues Angélique. Welcome to this land where the hand of man is omnipresent.

Between heritage…

La Destination Niort – Marais Poitevin full of a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The large monuments present bear witness to its history whose the most famous is the Niort Dungeon overlooking the city from its imposing height. But the heritage of this land is not limited to historical monuments. She owns an artistic and artisanal asset undeniable, represented by renowned passionate artists and creators. Passing through the pottery to the painting, sculpture to the glassware, thecabinetmaking à ironwork of art, it is a panel of exceptional creations which you will find in the workshops and shops of the region.

More recently, Niort was also distinguished by its street art. The city thus welcomed world famous artists, who transformed the walls and facades into real works of urban art. The “4th Wall” festival, which is held every year in Niort, has become a reference in the field of street art in France. Open your eyes and observe carefully, the walls speak and tell stories…

Quality labels:

You will be able to find numerous labels, guarantees of quality on the territory. Among them, there are 2 important labels: the label Cities and Countries of Art and History (in the process of certification) and Small Cities of Character®. They work at preserve, promote and enhance heritage towns and rural communities while promoting economic and tourist development of these territories.

…and Gastronomy

The territory does not lack culinary specialties each more delicious than the other. This land full of traditions contains many traditional markets, gourmet and producers' markets as well as a very rich and varied gastronomy, made of local products from short circuits and quality which testify to the richness of the region's land and water. It offers culinary enthusiasts and gourmets a range of flavors allowing them to take a truly exotic meal break. You can therefore enjoy a authentic and tasty cuisine promising you a sensational trip!

“Discovering a place also involves introducing yourself to new culinary flavors. After all, what better journey than that of taste? »

Treat your taste buds:

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