During a stroll through French lands, gourmands and the curious will not fail to discover a a true culinary treasure: Échiré butter. Manufactured according to traditional methodsThis exceptional butter is the fruit of a unique know-how and a passion passed down from generation to generation. Its creamy texture and subtle taste will take you to unforgettable taste sensations.

The Échiré dairy


A history of more than 100 years

This is 1891 that Mr. du Dresnay created the Échiré dairy in the outbuildings of a farm located in the village ofChipped, on the side of the Sèvre Niortaise. 3 years later, the dairy became a cooperative. Anecdote, the source which today supplies the town's washhouse also serves the needs of the dairy. Since he started, the dairy mainly produced butter but be careful, not just any butter, a butter renowned for its quality: Échiré butter. Butter is always made in teak barrel churns, which gives it a particular texture.

Tara Davaud and Sébastien Merdrignac

Did you know?

22 liters of milk are needed to make one kg of butter.

Échiré butter

Manufacturing with ancestral know-how

The butter ofChipped it is above all a 100% local product from the short circuit. The milk, the raw material for the butter, comes from a radius of 50 km maximum around the town of Échiré.

When the milk arrives at the dairy, it will go into a maturation process with a precise duration of 18 hours instead of the 15 hours required by the AOP (Protected Designation of Origin). It is this process which brings this taste so special and unique to Échiré butter.

An additional feature is that it is made using teak wood churns, ancestral know-how unique in France that the dairy owns. This is followed by the churning of the creams for 2 hours, a slow transformation during which the cream will become butter that is both supple and melting. Its taste is recognizable among all thanks to its taste of cream with hazelnut aromas. Each step of the butter creation is supervised by a master butter maker.

Butter beyond borders

Did you know that this exceptional butter is primarily consumed in gourmet restaurants et luxury hotel establishments? But not only ! he is also consumed in 29 countries and especially in Japan in Tokyo where there are 2 shops dedicated to Échiré butter but also to New York ou Los Angeles. He's present on the big tables like at the Elysée or the Senate.


Échiré butter, the symbol of a gourmet and authentic France, will leave you with an unforgettable memory of your stay in our beautiful country.


A rewarded butter

2015 was a symbolic year for this butter of excellence. In November 2015, he saw himself premium View French Excellence. This distinction allows us to promote companies that participate in the promotion of France throughout the world thanks to their know-how, their creativity and their capacity to innovate.
That same year, Échiré soft AOP butter also received the Gold medal at the General Agricultural Competition in 2015.

Find him at L’Atelier de l’Excellence Échiré

The creation of new short circuit points of sale is one of the actions both included in the Territorial Food Project and the Niort Agglo Tourist Development Plan. It is with the financial support from the state that the Niortais urban community has acquired the building of the old post office, located on Place de l’Église to be built in 2022 “The Échiré Workshop of Excellence”. The site, whose management has been entrusted to the Sèvre Dairy Cooperative, has the ambition to offer an influence on this emblematic know-how of the territory, a true flagship of the local food industry.

Tara Davaud and Sébastien Merdrignac

L’Atelier de l’Excellence Échiré is a store that consists of 3 parts:

  • The shop : with a “cabinet of curiosities” which explains the history of Échiré butter, the producers, the stages of production and Échiré products. The 5 senses are invited to an immersive experience, intended for adults and children. The store offers the dairy's excellent products for purchase but also a selection of the best local products, all using Échiré butter.
  • The workshop: a fully equipped workshop space will host activities around the bakery and pastry shop from the start of 2023. Professionals and individuals will be able to bake with Échiré butter.
  • On the garden side, a real place of relaxation and conviviality will be open to the general public from the first sunny days of spring 2023

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