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You've probably already tried walking, cycling or even paddle-boarding to explore the landscapes of the Poitevin Marshes. But have you ever done it on horseback? I have tested for you a horseback ride in the Marais with the Relais Equestre Equinoxe.

If you listened to me, you'd already have the reins in your hands and a bomb on your head! But first things first. The ride proposed by Relais Equinoxe equestrian centre is open to all levels. Located near the small village of Saint-RémyThis equestrian centre, which has been open for 28 years, knows a thing or two about walks in the Marais Poitevin. I took the formula "A day in the Maraiswith a lunch break.

A tasty programme

So it was with great enthusiasm that I arrived at 9am at the equestrian centre. I am greeted by Equestrian tourism guides (ATE) who tell me what we'll be doing during the day. On the programme: A bucolic and charming route through the marshes. What better way to discover the surrounding area?

Here I am, off to meet my horse, Bidjy. It's a funny name, but I feel confident. After preparing my horse, we go into the arena to adapt and learn. the basics of horse riding.

To the rhythm of the strides

A moment to share with your horse in the heart of nature.

A walk with ever-increasing strides

This is it! Here we go an open-air ride. At walking pace, we begin by crossing the limestone plateau, punctuated by the seasonal cultivation of crops. After a short warm-up trot, we enter the the green and aquatic labyrinth of the Venise Verte. 

For lunch, we stop at la Roussilleon a large lawn surrounded by pollarded asheswhere the stewards are already waiting for us with local products galore! During the meal, Laurence, the manager of the Relais Equinoxetells the story of la Roussille, from its heritage to its landscape of water and greenery.

After a enjoy a fun and tasty breakAt the end of the day, our group of riders set off again towards the equestrian centre. In the afternoon, we along the towpathwhere I was able to observe a few fields Angelica, the star plant of the Marais Poitevin. My horse Bidjy and I were captivated by the beauty of the habitats along this watery path.

Another one, another one!

Towards the end of the day, we arrived at the starting point. Nostalgic and at the same time amazed by this unusual day and full of memories. So I'm descending from Bidjy and granting him every the care required for the animal's well-being. Yes, I did enjoy myself, but it was largely thanks to him and his experience of the outdoors. Once the horse has been groomed and the equipment put away, I say goodbye to the team at the riding centre and set off again, delighted by the experience. equine discovery of the Marais Poitevin.

I would certainly recommend putting on your stirrups and galloping to the rhythm of the Sèvre and its flora to anyone wishing to discover the Marais.

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