Visit all the events not to be missed when you come to Destination Niort - Marais Poitevin. Street performances, dance shows, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, famous sports events... Immerse yourself in this mosaic of vibrant events and let yourself be enchanted by the cultural effervescence of the territory.

24 April 2024

Story time in Aiffres

25 April 2024

Objects at the table in Niort

26 April 2024

Concert - Jungle Dusk - Aiffres

28 April 2024

R'trouvons nous teurtou (let's all meet up) in Niort

28 April 2024

Things are hotting up in Chauray

02 April 28 April 2024

Samuel Grégoire exhibition

30 April 2024

"Le monte-plats" in Coulon

01 May 2024

"Le monte-plats" in Coulon

01 May 2024

Les Raisins de la Colère in Coulon

02 May 2024

Pinnochio in Coulon

02 May 2024

"I feel therefore I am" in Coulon

03 May 2024

Kamikaze in Coulon

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