Visit all the events not to be missed when you come to Destination Niort - Marais Poitevin. Street performances, dance shows, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, famous sports events... Immerse yourself in this mosaic of vibrant events and let yourself be enchanted by the cultural effervescence of the territory.

02 May 2024

Pinnochio in Coulon

02 May 2024

"I feel therefore I am" in Coulon

03 May 2024

Kamikaze in Coulon

03 May 2024

"I feel therefore I am" in Coulon

04 May 2024

"The promise of dawn" in Coulon

05 May 2024

"The long road" in Coulon

09 May 2024

Flea market in Mauzé sur le Mignon

17 May 19 May 2024

Hop Swing Hop Festival in Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud

26 May 2024

Angelica festival in Bessines

31 May 2024

Laurent Gerra sits down to dinner in Niort

02 June 2024

The Olympic Flame in Niort

07 June 2024

Lili reads

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