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Discovering the village of Amuré

Come and discover the market garden village of Amuré in the heart of the marshes.




Historique, Religieux

Come and discover the charming village of Amuré. Discover its wash-houses, its church set against the cemetery, with its magnificent sculpted features, and its verdant countryside just a stone's throw away. Take advantage of the calm at Port Goron for a short stopover!

Have a good walk and remember that you are not alone on the paths you are going to take. We invite you to respect nature: avoid picking flowers and plants, do not leave any rubbish behind, respect inhabited areas, stay on the paths, keep dogs on a leash.

-> Part of the route is unmarked.

Discovering the village of Amuré

Distance : 5.0 km

Step 1: Lavoir du Bourg

Rectangular wash-house between two low walls.

Step 2: Église Notre-Dame

Dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, the building was partly rebuilt in the 19th century and restored in 2005. It houses an exhibition of photographs recalling village life in the past. Its ancient cemetery contains sarcophagus-shaped tombs from the 18th and 19th centuries and a 15th-century hosannière cross, listed in 1889.

Step 3: Croix Hosannière

A 15th-century hosannière cross, listed in 1889, and 18th- and 19th-century sarcophagus-shaped tombs can be seen in the ancient cemetery adjacent to the parish church. What was the purpose of a hosannière cross? On the Sunday before Easter, the priest read the Gospel celebrating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. The congregation marched past singing the Hosanna and placing branches on the lectern to the west.

Step 4: Port Goron

Isolated from the village of Amuré, this natural harbour has a gently sloping slipway made of limestone.
Built to encourage trade with Saint-Georges-de-Rex, La Garette, Le Vanneau, Coulon and Niort, it provides outlets for local produce (firewood, hemp, market garden produce and fish).
During the 19th century, its activity declined due to the construction of roads in the marshland. In 1995, it was restored as part of the French President's Great Works programme.

Step 5: Lavoir de Chausse

Lavoir recently restored as part of a programme to enhance the heritage of the market garden area

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