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Workshop - Les Bosses du Quai Metayer - Trail Station

Discover the Niort - Marais Poitevin Trail Station, its most beautiful landscapes and its best routes for a day, a weekend or a week of sport!



Panneau carré blanc et noir avec intitulé Station de Trail


This trail is part of the Niort - Marais Poitevin Trail Station.

A course linked to the courses starting from the Port Boinot visitor centre. You can use the Niort loops to warm up before doing your endurance, threshold and split exercises on these workshops.
This workshop can be adapted to suit your objectives. With a sequence of 3 short climbs, you can use this workshop either as a whole for strength and endurance or choose a bump to work on explosiveness and intensity!
It's up to you!

-> Trail Station signposted route

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