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Le Bourdet: in the footsteps of the Maraîchine

Discover this emblematic marsh cow: the Maraîchine!



Culturel, Historique, Nature (faune, flore)

Lined up along a straight main street and crossed by two reaches and the Courance river, the village and its hamlets have kept alive this farming tradition, living today from dairy farming, egg production and cereal crops.

Have a good walk and remember that you are not alone on the paths you are going to take. We invite you to respect nature: avoid picking flowers and plants, do not leave any rubbish behind, respect inhabited areas, stay on the paths, keep dogs on a leash.

-> Signposts: unmarked except for signs on the Maraîchine trail.

Le Bourdet: in the footsteps of the Maraîchine

Distance : 5.8 km

Step 1: Église Saint-Jacques

The church dates back to 1778. The interior of the building was renovated in the 1980s, and features a timber-framed vault. The plan is based on a single nave ending in a cul-de-sac apse.

Step 2: Monument aux morts

This monument was commissioned to honour the soldiers who died in the 1914-1918 war.

Step 3: Le sentier de la Maraîchine

Discover the Bourdet communal marsh through various information panels on the geology of the land, the market gardeners that inhabit the marsh and man's relationship with the water in the marsh.

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