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P'tite échappée au Lambon - Trail station

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Panneau carré blanc et noir avec intitulé Station de Trail

Nature (faune, flore)

This trail is part of the Niort - Marais Poitevin Trail Station.

This trail loop close to the Pierre Mendès France area is an easy way for users to get a breath of fresh air, which is sure to be a real boost to business!

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P'tite échappée au Lambon - Trail station

Distance : 10.6 km

Step 1: Le Lambon

The Lambon is a 52km-long semi-underground river that rises in the Mellois region, flows through the rural village of Souché and empties into the Sèvre Niortaise at Niort. It supplies the Vivier waterworks. Its bed was widened in 1962. The Association pour la Restauration du Lambon et de ses Affluents (ARLA) was created in 1997.

Step 2: Eglise Notre-Dame

Dating from the 12th, 14th and 15th centuries, the building was renovated by Sébastien d'Assailly, who, along with the Duke of Béthune Charost, founded the Little Sisters of Providence in the second half of the 18th century. In 1964, it was added to the Supplementary List of Historic Monuments.

Step 3: Mairie de Vouillé

The former Château de La Barre was built in 1830 and listed in 1998. The Town Hall moved there in 2000. The castle's layout is enhanced by magnificent landscaped grounds.

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