Welcome to the Park From the Rooster to the Donkey, in the heart of the Marais Poitevin Regional Nature Park in Saint-Georges-de-Rex! Discover a animal and leisure park, where your senses will be awakened.

A park on a human scale

Nestled in the heart the Marais Poitevin Regional Nature Park, discover a wildlife park and leisure park on a human scale. An escape for a few hours to breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy with your family or friends, the immersive animal worlds and their daily activities, but also the leisure world, where agility and team spirit are required. Ready for the adventure?
The reputation of the Park du Coq à l'Âne is also its fresh and raw donkey milk soaps made on the spot with a special a unique artisanal method in France.

On site you will also find :

  • Accommodation: bed and breakfast and unusual lodges,
  • A restaurant summer "Lânarosé",
  • A shop with regional products and in particular the artisanal soap factory,
  • From the Bicycle and rosalia hire.
Parc Du Coq à l'Âne

The Poitou stag

is a very old breed of donkey originating from Poitou.

Did you know that?

The baudet du Poitou or the Poitou donkey is the oldest breed of donkey in France. This donkey is easily recognisable by its coat of unusual length and appearance in an equine. Moreover, it has a large size, of big ears and a imposing framework.

Park Du Coq à l’Âne

The animal world

It is a 7 hectare estate which opens its doors to you for a visit of more or less 2 hours to discover about 40 species of animals. Move from one universe to another throughout your visit: from the emblematic baudet du Poitou at llamas and alpacas, the sheep at guinea pigs, the parrots at Highland cows or to Mangalitzas pigs... A an immersive, fun and educational experience for the whole family!

Since its inception, the family business is committed in conservation and enhancement actions of local and ancient breeds. It is also part of the "LPO Refuge" and "Bat Refuge for the protection of lesser known animal species.

A playful visit for young and old

During your visit, many highlights are offered such as the daily animal animations, donkey rides in the park or even the Adventurer's Notebook, which will accompany the youngest and the oldest in their quest to solve the mysteries of the animal world on a journey full of enigmas. Numerous educational panels will complete your knowledge on the animals of the Park.

Park Du Coq à l’Âne
Park Du Coq à l’Âne

Challenge your team spirit

During your visit, take breaks to enjoy yourself with the many outdoor games installed along the course, every 250 metres. There will be something for everyone: duck fishing, tightrope walking, cage ball, barefoot course... Challenge yourself in duels or in teams!

New in 2023: the Archery Challenge

The "Savonnerie Cornet", a traditional & ancestral know-how

It was in 2006 that the Park du Coq à l’Âne will open the doors of its soap factory. This passionate family business animals but especially donkeys, was keen to use the fresh and raw milk of their donkeys to put it in the serving all skins... but not only! The Cornet Soapery is the alchemy of an ancestral know-how and a unique method in France. It combines the virtues of fresh, raw donkey milk with the craftsmanship of an eco-designed product.

New in 2023: An interactive and sensorial scenographic space "The history of soap through time tells you its manufacturing secrets and uses.

An exceptional product

Donkey milk is an ally of the skin since antiquity. Queen Cleopatra was a fan of donkey milk baths. Did you know that this milk is one of the animal milks that is closest to a woman's milk? It is a true elixir low in fat, full of vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements. The quality of the milk that you will find in the products of the Cornet Soapery is guaranteed 100% fresh and local, the products are made without any transformation and above all respect the environment and animal welfare. Find different ranges such as the baby range, the men's range, the range of products for the house... Go to the shop, and let it bubble!

And it's not over yet...


Everyone has their own pace and means of transport, to enjoy the tranquillity of the Green Venice: on foot, by bike, with a donkey, a rosalie or a snail, this territory is a paradise for budding adventurers in search of greenery and freshness. Half-day, full-day or even multi-day, the choice is yours. Would you like to be accompanied? Take the guided option with Original Vélo Tour.



Original and comfortable, the 2 unusual lodges of the domain will seduce you with their 180° view on the animals of the Animal Park. Dream of sleep with your head in the stars through the Star Dome "The Big Dipper or the vast spaces of Canada's far north thanks to the Trapper's canvas "The Little Caribou". If you prefer a relaxing interlude in the shelter of the old market garden stones, the 3 large family rooms will seduce you!



Succumb to the pleasures of the Lânarosé restaurant with a warm atmosphere under a 110m2 canvas terrace, open to all! Rich in local and seasonal products, All dishes, starters and desserts are home-made. The menu is prepared by the chef Olivier. Take the opportunity to discover his speciality: the local eels, which is well known in the Poitevin Marshes and home fries. The icing on the cake at the end of your meal is a taste of homemade donkey milk ice cream.

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Parc Du Coq à l'Âne

12 rue du Moulin
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