Tèrra Aventura is the application of geocaching inescapable and 100% free for connected, fun and educational walks to be achieved with family, friends, alone or as a couple! Conquering the Poitevin Marshes or the city of NiortThese are 6 walks that are offered on the territory to achieve a treasure hunt 2.0!

What is Tèrra Aventura?

Maya Freitas

For those who do not know the geocachingThe principle is simple: we use the satellite geo-positioning technique (GPS) via a smartphone to run a course and search for caches. In a few words, it is a treasure huntbut version 2.0. In the context of Tèrra-Aventurait is necessary to solve puzzles along a pathway to achieve the cache of Poi'zsmall badges to collect.

Parcours Tèrra Aventura en maintenance :

Date de mise à jour : 23/02/2024

  • “Les gardiens du Marais” à Saint-Georges-de-Rex
  • “Secrets de Sèvre bien gardés” à Chauray
  • “Maraîchin contre Bras Rouge” à Magné

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