In 1003, the Count of Poitou bequeaths to monks of St-Cyprien of Poitiers the land of Germundum. In return, they are asked to build a fortified town. The Gallic oppidum of Les Mothes, located on the ancient road from Poitiers, called Chemin Chevaleret in the Middle Ages, was transformed into a fortress. This construction was short-lived, and only representations of it remain, but it played a major role in the conflict that raged for almost a century between the Lord of Parthenay to his suzerain. Rouvrethe estate of Gislebertus and his wife Aina, is given to theabbey of St-Maixent in the 15th century. Near the source St-AubinIn 1896, a new chapel in place of the ruined church. It wasn't until 1972 that the two villages, with their tumultuous pasts, came together, unite their destiny.

What to see in Germond-Rouvre?

01. The church of St. Medard in Germond 

Situated on the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela, it was built in the 12th century by the Poitevin monks. A bell tower-porch is raised in the 13th century, a funeral chapel was founded in the 15th century against the southern façade.

What to see A baroque altar from St-Marc-La-Lande after the Concordat of 1804.

02. St Aubin's chapel in Rouvre

It is rebuilt in the 19th century. with stones from the demolition of the logis de Rouvreat the site of the cemetery next to a first church built near a miraculous spring and mentioned in the 5th century, of which some remains. Today, a place oftemporary exhibitions.

Other sights to see...

  • The Mothes Mound
  • Le Luc Castle (1830)
  • The house of Repéroux and its round tower with the mention here nantre pas larron, 1634 engraved on a door, the 15th century dovecote of Corniou
  • Fountains and washhouses in Breuilbon
  • The former town hall (former priory) and its Louis XIV period fireplace painted in trompe l'oeil
  • The Chevaleret Way (two hiking trails)
  • The theatre festival (mid-April)
  • The three villages market (2nd Friday of the month from May to October).

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