To the east of Niortthe municipality of five villages (Vouillé Bourg, Gascougnolles, Arthenay, La Rivière and Vaumoreau) takes place around the green Lambon valley. Moreover, his surname derives from the Latin vallis clara meaning clear valley. Although cited for the first time in 1271It is occupied since prehistoric timesAt the beginning of the 20th century, on hempcultivated in the valley of Mr. Moreau (Vaumoreau), is used to make yarn for weaving clothes. The retting of the stems was done in the river. The master housess, the sirloins, the pigeon lofts and the dry stone walls are in the same place as the new town centre and the place des Cinq Villages inaugurated in 2009. The rural architecture of Vouillé can be discovered by walking along its alleys and numerous footpaths.

What to see in Vouillé?

01. The Church of Our Lady

Dating from the 12th, 14th and 15th centuries, the building is renovated by Sébastien d'Assaillyfounder with the Duke of Bethune Charost of the Little Sisters of Providence in the second half of the 18th century. In 1964, it was included in the supplementary list of Historical monuments.

02. Bibliothèque Populaire de Vouillé

The smallest library in France is located at the place called The River au sommet d’un triangle dont la base est the former Protestant church and the former school. Its construction, encouraged by Paul BertMinister of Public Education, is possible thanks to the Mayor of Assailly authorising its installation on part of its property. From the size of a bus shelterIt contains 2000 volumes whose works ofErnest Pérochon, Goncourt Prize 1920 and former teacher of Vouillé who attended the humble establishment.

Other sights to see:

  • The town hall (former castle of La Barre built in 1830 and listed in 1998, landscape park)
  • The neoclassical castle of La Salmondière built in 1842 in Arthenay (orangery, sundial)
  • The Champarnaud stone (magic megalith)
  • The Guiberte Way (house from 1817 at no. 33 with a Protestant star)
  • A space for conviviality impasse du Pré in Arthenay (petanque ground, picnic area and book box) and rue du Lavoir in La Rivière

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