Here, more than anywhere else, you are on the a land of fresh air, wide open spaces and quiet time. The nature is omnipresentIt offers itself to you like an open book, mirroring your own deepest condition. You will deliberately seek it out by entering in the heart of the Green Veniceon a boat in a labyrinth of channels. It will pick you up in the cityYou'll be reminded of your links with the local community. earth, water and oxygen. You'll feel it in your dealings with the public, in the folds of a ancestral culture.

Welcome to a preserved environment

A an exceptional destination where nature reigns supreme. In this territory with its many habitats, you can escape in any Quiet and discover a amazing biodiversity.

The Poitevin Marshes is a unique place where water is omnipresent, with channels, the channels and conchesgreen expanses where the wildlife and the flora abound.

The city of Niort is a urban city by naturebut has been able to preserve a unique ecosystem of its kind. Parks, gardens and cool spots make the city a place to be. Niort a tank of biodiversity in urban areas. There is a small environmental jewel : the Galuchet Marsh. It is a 47-hectare natural area located on the left bank of one of the meanders of the Sèvre and has been classified as the largest natural area in an urban setting due to the preservation of its biodiversity with the presence of herons but also of the otter. Indeed, the otter, emblem of the Poitevin Marshes is present in the city's waters, which shows that the water quality is good. The city of Niort aims to restore this wetland and ensure better management of this area.

The Parc naturel régional du Poitevin Marshes is also a place of preserving the European otter since the 1980s.

A fishing territory

Fishing in the Poitevin Marshes is an activity that makes people happy. nature lovers and tranquillity. The area is full of canals, rivers, conches and other bodies of water, which constitute a real playground for fishermen due to its fishy river.

The Poitevin Marshes offers a wide variety of fish, such as carp, roach, pike, zander, black bass, perch, bream or even the eel which remains the emblem of market gardening. The calm, shallow waters are particularly suitable for anglings, while the carnivorous fishermen The large lakes and larger rivers are ideal for fishing in peace and quiet.


The many fishing routes present in the Poitevin Marshes allow you to discover natural landscapes of great beauty, and to enjoy a A moment of relaxation in the heart of nature. Whether you are beginner or advancedfishing in the Poitevin Marshes has some great surprises in store for you.

If you are not equipped, don't panic! There are many fishing shops near the main fishing spots. You will be able to buy all the equipment you need to go fishing. an unforgettable day at the water's edge.

Did you know that?

Before going fishing, it is important to find out about the rules and regulations for fishing in the region you are planning to explore. You can obtain this information from the local fisheries authorities or by consulting the dedicated websites. Make sure you get the permits and licenses necessary for the practice and fisheries, as well as respect the quotas and minimum catch sizes.

Emotion Marais Poitevin

The Sèvre Niortaise

The water quality of the Sèvre Niortaise is relatively good, making it a fish-filled river.

Rendezvous on animal land

Animal parks

The Poitevin Marshesin addition to its natural wealthis full of animal parks which will allow you to discover local wildlife in a secure environment and designed for the animals.

The majority of the country's wildlife parks are working to protect and to the preservation of animal species many of which are endemic to the Poitevin Marshes. The passionate facilitators and the scenography set up inside these parks will allow you to be made aware of the issues and problems of certain species.

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