Experience a roaming experience! If the Poitevin Marshes is best known for being visited in boatBut what about those who prefer the mainland? There are other equally pleasant alternatives for discovering this territory: on foot, by bike, running and even by houseboat! More than 9,800 km of track are dedicated to soft travel. Whether you are an experienced sportsman or a Sunday hiker, the white, flat or slightly hilly paths, the conches and canals are your playground for sailing, cycling, walking or running.

A traditional boat trip

The Destination Niort - Marais Poitevin is known to be discovery by being on the water! As the Sèvre Niortaiseon board a traditional boat, of a canoe-kayak, of a electric boat (electrically driven for the houseboats) or a paddleyou will experience a incredible and unique experience.
In the Poitevin Marshesalone or accompanied by a boatman's guideand embark on a journey through the canals, gullies and conches in a boat also called a "flat". This means of locomotion is the most typical for to the heart of the Marais. Now you can see why the nickname of this Nature park is "The Green Venice ? A nod to Venice and its famous gondolas.

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3 cycle routes to ride

The territory now has 900 kilometres of cycle paths with a series of itineraries on very small tarmac roads and on white roadsThe aim is to facilitate the discovery of this incredible area by creating a series of greenways made of crushed limestone. natural area.

Discover a single territoryperfectly suitable for cycling. The destination includes 3 main routes called cycle routes. This network of cycle routes, which is still being improved, offers both long routes and loops. Whether you are with children, friends, couples or alone, you are bound to find a route adapted to your abilities!

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"No matter which bike route you choose to take in the Marais Poitevin, each path reveals a singular nature full of surprises.


Getting closer to nature

Walking the trails of the territory is one of the best ways to discover it: at your own pace, walk around and get close to the as close to nature as possible and its magnificent landscapesThere are many different types of hiking trails, which change their atmosphere according to the season. There are so many walking routes that you are bound to find one that suits you. Whether it is to visit the Poitevin Marshes and its nature landscapes ; Niort, urban capital with its rich historical heritage or upstream from the Sèvre Niortaise, between plains and valleys!


Niort - Marais Poitevin Trail Station

Don't be surprised to learn that it's possible to trail running on our territory which includes little difference in altitude. Trail running is all about running in the natural environments, usually on dirt roads and hiking trails in the plains, forests or mountains.

The Niort - Marais Poitevin Trail Stationis the experience of going running in the middle of an unspoilt nature. A proposal by 20 marked routes and 2 workshops of varying difficulty totalling 290 km. A real playground for runners! The territory is one of the only ones in France that offers so many routes without any difference in altitude over 100 km. Perfect for beginners or for families. It's thanks to this low gradient that our trail station is so popular. the first to offer a significant number of courses adapted to different disabilities (motor, visual, etc.). Today, we have 4 courses labelled as handisport through the On Piste's Respect label. Trail routes can be done on foot, by bike or even on a Nordic walk!

Station de Trail arcais marais poitevin


Opt for the services of a guide

Each family on the move can be discovery independently or with a guideaccording to your needs and preferences. Guided tours on foot, by bike or on the water, in a horse-drawn carriage or even on a miniature train, discover the sector accompanied by an expert on the territory. This solution is recommended to learn more about the history, customs and traditions of the area, but also to discover in depth the fauna and flora that inhabit these lands.


Our fun and digital walks

More unusual, some digital and playful routes are available via your smartphone or through board games! Educational and adapted to the entire familyThese walks will make it easier for you to understand some of the key points that shape this destination, and it's also a way of learning while having fun!

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